The power of the human spirit – Javnyuy Joybert

 “One of the great challenges of our existence as humans is to discover the uncharted territory that lies within us”

Many of us still under-utilise the human spirit and potential we have been endowed with by God.

Gregory Parry says “The pathway to the discovery of this inner sense of true greatness may not always be smooth and straightforward. But the revelation of this beautiful aspect of human potential is most surely a moment of personal transformation”

That’s why I believe, The process of striving for excellence should be part of any human endeavours. Excellence should be one of your key core values this will push you to push your human spirit and potential to be more. The human spirit does indeed have extraordinary power.

The power of the human spirit and potential is to love, to learn, to create value, to cooperate, and to serve. And you can’t do these if you can’t discover your Uncharted territories.

Dionne van said “The human spirit is the core and eternal part of every human being. When you understand that your human spirit is the most powerful part of your being, you can discover what life is like when you live from your human spirit in fellowship with God Himself”

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