One thing killing Cameroonian businesses (Small, Medium & even some Large Institutions) by Javnyuy Joybert

One thing killing Cameroonian businesses (Small, Medium & even some Large Institutions)….


That one thing: Poor or inconsistent application of automation tools in business operations.


From my experience in working (consulting) with businesses and in observing many businesses in Cameroon, this is a big problem. Many of our Institutions are struggling to scale operations to customers because they struggle to apply automation tools & digital transformation efficiently.


Let’s look at a basic example: How many businesses have you come across with social media pages that was last updated in 2018, 2019 or few years back.


In the last few years, automation & digital transformation have proven to be critical aspects for customer satisfaction and growing revenue across businesses in different sectors.


If you are a business owner, CEO, an entrepreneur and you are not thinking consistently of how to minimize costs, increase efficiency, and streamline processes to experience stability and all round growth, then you need a lot of help.


There are three major reasons effective application of automation tools and digital transformation is a problem.


  1. Short-sightedness of top management

Top management cannot support what they don’t understand how it works. Most at times senior executives don’t see the need to influence the application of automation because they don’t understand the impact.


  1. Poor skills of staff or “external experts” these businesses hire to get the job done.

When staff don’t have the right skills to practice or make use of the automation system, application will be inconsistent and if the so called external experts are not skillful enough to implement what they claim they can do, application will be inconsistent. I remember we paid a guy to design a software for one of our operations he took over 7 months & did not produce anything tangible.


  1. Financial resources.

When a business does not understand the importance of something, they hardly budget for it or have money for it.


When automation is fully applied, two things happen

  1. It helps to optimize interactions between key stakeholders like staff and customers, operations staff & management staff
  2. There is consistency across core activities and reduces the risk of errors.

Examples of automation businesses in Cameroon should be implementing.

– Sales order

– Invoice generation

– Social Media communication

– Tracking employee punctuality

– Financial statements development

– Customer support (chatbots for example UBAs LEO)

– Payroll & time sheets


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