2021 Success Protocols: Your Results Machinery by Javnyuy Joybert

2021 Success Protocols: Your Results Machinery by Javnyuy Joybert

Happy New Year!!

But really if the calendar changes without you changing in your core areas then it is not New Year for you! Therefore, my question to you is, are you qualified to shout Happy New Year?


I have spent several days and nights through December 2020 crafting this protocol for you and me. This will put you in an incredible trajectory in 2021.


This protocol if well implemented by anyone, he or she will experience tremendous success in personal life, career and Business.


As a coach & consultant, one key thing my clients know they are not permitted to do as they enter the New Year is to carry the “guess work mentality” along. All my clients know we use December for tactical planning.


Before we dive deep into this 11 protocol, note this “Without self-knowledge, the pursuit of success is frustrating”

This protocol is crafted from the place of intentionality and desire for powerful results. Study & take action where necessary.


Your 2021 Success Protocols for Your Implementation

  1. Be Intentional About Your Interior Audacity.

In 2021 do not play with these, they are responsible for how far you have come in life and how far you will go. Do not play with:

  • Mindset (positive & growth mindset): Wherever your thoughts go, your life follows.
  • Belief system
  • Character & behavior
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self-motivation
  • Personal integrity
  • Self-confidence: It’s your attitude and positive disposition that attract relevant people.


  1. Practice Anticipatory Thinking.

Be intentionally futuristic in your thinking. Anticipate what may happen and may not happen in your career and Business and take serious steps to take advantage or mitigate. By all means do not live life in 2021 just as it comes.

Anticipatory thinking exercise…

It’s all about projecting the mind into the future and analyzing many possible outcomes instead of just imagining the worst one.

  • What’s the worst possible thing that could happen?
  • What is the best thing that could happen?
  • How does my preferred outcome look to me?
  • Do I have any control over the outcome? To what degree?
  • Can I ask anyone for help or advice?
  • If the worst happens, will I still be all right?
  • What is my plan for facing the worst?
  • After I face the situation and move past it, what are my next steps? How will I apply what I’ve learned?

  1. Be Driven by Weekly & Monthly Milestones.

In 2021, do not be reluctant to lead by holding yourself Accountable to results weekly and monthly. Amplify your discipline and ability to make sure you meet up with the milestones. Great people chase milestones periodically. Track your level of hard work through milestones accomplishment.

Example of milestones:

– Sale 25 units of my products weekly making a minimum of $150

– Read 2 books monthly, one personal development book and one business book

Activity: Set your Weekly milestones for the month of January throughout December 2021


  1. Intentionally Create a Life of Possibilities.

Practice activities that will funnel your energy towards success.

By no means do not sit and complain. In 2021, let your certainty & belief be greater than your doubt. One key way to create a life of possibilities is to master self-promotion. Self-promotion is critical to making our work stand out. This becomes critical when competing for scarce resources, such as grants, funding, investments, and top paying jobs.


  1. Refuse to Let Circumstances Discourage You.

Make up your mind now to bloom in the face of any challenge that 2021 throws at you.

Choose to always take something worthwhile from every challenge. This 2021, remember that failure is not meant to define you. It’s meant to refine you. You get promoted in life by the problems you solve not by the problems you complain about.

In 2021, when you experience tensions & discomfort, do not run or give up face it and create a way out.


  1. Know How to Make Decisions.

In 2021, people that will shine master how to make 3 types of decisions that is

  • Bold Decisions: The ability to make hard decisions with boldness & courage
  • Intelligent Decisions: The ability to make decisions using accurate information and not guess work
  • Strategic Decisions: The ability to connect the dots before making decisions. Do not be narrow minded in making your decisions, consult many perspectives


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2021 Success Protocols – Your Results Machinery by Javnyuy Joybert – Public Copy


  1. Master the Art of Asking for Help.

Learn to master the art of asking for help without fear of rejection.

What you desire might be an ‘ask’ away. Never be too big to make a U-turn or ask for help. With the right attitude and value in our work we have a better chance of seizing new opportunities like getting help from the right people.

Activity: Write down the name of relevant and close relationships across your network that you can ask for help.


  1. Build a personal rapport with influential stakeholders.

You need to influence key stakeholders because there is little point in convincing people who can’t help you. The kind of success you will experience in career and business in 2021 will be determined by your ability to influence key stakeholders. Stakeholders here could be your boss, your supervisor, your employer, your customers, your suppliers, government agencies regulating your business, your mentors etc. In the process protect your uniqueness and don’t try to be someone else.

Activity: Write down the name of key stakeholders in your career or business you must build positive rapport with and describe a step by step process of how you will achieve this.

  1. Boost your focus, productivity.

In 2021 do not apologize to friends and family for setting high standards of focus and Productivity. If someone feels your standards are too high or too serious they should rise up to your level of thinking and commitment.

Do not go down to their (distractors, lazy ones) level. In 2021 be committed to focus on what is important & eliminate distractions


  1. Break up your bad habits.

There are no limitations, there are no barriers to your success except the ones you put for yourself with the wrong nonproductive habits.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Michael Jordan. Which are you? Note this, people who only want and wish have bad habits. People who make things happen have good productive habits

Activity: List your top bad non productive habits you must drop in January 2021 so you can be productive for the rest of the year


  1. Be the Smartest & Hardest Worker in the Room.

No matter what you do this year make sure you always over deliver, bring in your A game always, intentionally be the hardest and smartest worker in the room and your industry. This is key in 2021. You cannot be lazy and expect to lead your sector in this competitive World. In 2021, be a master of your craft. While everyone else is relaxing, you’re practicing & perfecting.

You don’t need more time, you just need to make better use of the time you have by working smart and hard.

Activity: How many hours of hard and productive work will you do daily. Make up your mind to always go the extra mile in 2021


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