How to Change Your Life and Become an Energizer

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Let me share with you something amazing which is critical in the journey of success. Let me start by asking you a question. Do you keep track of your energy? Maybe not intentional, I guess?

Hear this, having positive and protected energy in everything you do is so special. And it’s an attitude you should develop and establish as a part of you.


Because it makes everyone (siblings, friends, colleagues, customers..) you come into contact with, feel better about themselves and you.

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A great coach once said “By being a positive energizer, you will be energizing yourself in a positive way. You will feel more positive and more alive, you will have stronger and healthier relationships. People will also regard you as a leader, you will experience a variety of health benefits, and you will feel more blessed in life.”

Even in tough times, energizers always find a way. When they walk into a room, they make it come alive. All these, help make them great leaders. While inspiration is a long-term proposition, energy is necessary on a daily basis, just to keep going.

Here are some quick tips I use daily and I want to share to help you become a positive energizer.

Establish an exciting and passionate life & career vision (for young entrepreneurs establish a clear startup vision)

Bring your best and energetic self in everyday

Be mindful and don’t be stuck in a negative mindset

Plan your day a night before

Take a walk and visualize about your beautiful future

Keep a journal of small wins and big wins

Keep building your expertise and becoming your best version everyday

Have a tribe of positive energizers as close friends

According to HBR, Energizers do these things very well. They create a compelling vision by focusing on possibilities rather than current or past problems. They help others feel fully engaged. And while they’re doing that, energizers are also learning from their colleagues. Energizers are goal-oriented, but flexible about how to get there – they allow progress to occur in unexpected ways.

Be an Energizer anywhere you find yourself!

The nice thing about this form of energy is that it is potentially abundant, renewable, and free. Therefore, the only requirements for energizers are that they stay active, positive, responsive, and on mission. Are you an energizer? Any tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you.

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