Many Young Entrepreneurs & Even Older Business People in Cameroon Don’t Deserve the Success they Crave for – Javnyuy Joybert

Many Young Entrepreneurs & Even Older Business People  Don’t Deserve the Success they Crave for.


Abeg before you vex with me…at least hear me out.


I am writing this while talking with Bae at the same time 😀 so…. before I come back to this, Taking your business to the next level is hard.


If you talk to majority of self employed, entrepreneurs and business people who desire to succeed in building better and bigger businesses, they will tell you their biggest challenge to build better is finances.


The question I have is, “Are they fundable?”

“Are they investment ready?”


Majority of them are looking for money when they do not qualify for the money they are looking for. How do I know?


Let me briefly share these 2 situations


Situation 1:

On 4 different occasions, people have reached out to me from the Diaspora (mostly USA, UK, Germany) who will like to invest in a business back home after an entrepreneur reached out to them asking for investment.  And when I reached out to these entrepreneurs to do due diligence by asking basic business information, they never come back.


Situation 2:

Recently, our institution (CELBMD Africa) launched a Business Financing Opportunity for people to apply, go through the process and win both cash and consulting service worth up to 500 000frs. To be part of this, people had to register with 15 000frs. Here is the shocker, majority of the people who contacted us did not have any problem with the registration fee but they had a big problem with the following requirements to submit.


– Submit 3 page business plan describing your products/services, your customers, sales track record, 3 years goals & location plan

– Submit scan copy of your income & expenditure statement for the last 2 months


These are basic things a serious entrepreneur and business person should have available and the highest they can do when requested by is to update. The terrible thing is, majority of the people that want money (funding) do not have these.  One even had the guts to ask “Sir can still send the registration money without the other requirements? Because I don’t have”



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Apart from finance, many entrepreneurs and business people may never succeed to a certain level because they perform below expectations. In terms of skills they are terrible. They are poor in business operations, marketing and sales, communication and team building, technology, financial management and more. Many entrepreneurs must upskill before they can shine.


Making the decision to become an entrepreneur is a major commitment, with huge implications for skills and lifestyle. Stop calling yourself an entrepreneur if you are not willing to do the hardwork, if you are always looking for the easy way out.


Investors invest in the individual and not just the business. Stay determined, be passionate, do the hardwork and strive for success at all times not some of the times. Go beyond motivation and operate from self discipline mode where you don’t do things when you feel like it.



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Questions for you, Do Deserve the Business Success they Crave for? As an entrepreneur, can you approach investors professionally and with confidence?

Javnyuy Joybert Leading a Session with Executives

Apart from corruption and poor governance, the two reasons above are responsible for causing investors to have low willingness to finance small businesses in Cameroon. In the last few years, the overall number of businesses that require Investment has greatly grown, very few are actually fully ready for financing.



We provide consulting services to businesses on how to be Investment ready. The investor Readiness Process and even coaching you through what investors want to hear.

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Investors will hear about many potential investments during their time, so why should they listen to you? It is the job of every serious Entrepreneur to make Investors & financing partners see that YOU and your business ideas are investable. Give the investor/financing partner confidence in your institution’s stability.




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