4 Questions Many Young People Don’t Have Answers to: Javnyuy Joybert

I always challenge young people to be question askers and answer seekers. Many young people live shallow lives because they have not asked the right questions and therefore always get the wrong answers out of life and that is why they struggle. The unexamined life is not worth living. To live a complete life we must examine it truthfully with the right questions. Let me share with you 4 questions I strongly believe young people should seek answers immediately.

a) What am I Capable of?

This is one of the key questions that if young people can answer, their quality of life will improve. When you look across the continent, you will see young energetic people who are aimless and not part of the productive economy. This is so because many of them do not know what they are capable of and the kind of value they can create. If you are not capable as a young person, then you cannot create value and you cannot make money. Carry out a self-analysis and genuinely answer this question and list the things that the market place require which you are capable of doing. Moreover, if you see gaps make the decision to acquire skills and increase your capabilities.

b) What Area do I Need Help In?

A father watched his son try to lift a heavy stone. He failed with each attempt. After some time his father came by and asked, “Are you using all your strength?” “Yes!” the boy cried. His father looked at him and said, “No, you are not, I am here waiting and you haven’t asked for my help.”

Many young people are out here trying to prove how they do not need help but remain in the same position in life for years. Swallow your pride, identify the area where you need help and humbly ask.

c) When do I need Help?

Many young people do not know what to do and you see that they need some help, yet they will not ask or possibly do not know when to ask. If you identify the area where you need help, you need to be strategic when asking for the help. If you ask for help too early or too late, the impact will not be as expected.

d) Who in my Network can Genuinely Help me?

I always say life is all about building relationships. If you have weak relationships with people, you do not genuinely help people yourself I doubt if you will have someone in your network that can help you. Invest time to build the right relationships because help will always come from your network. By taking an active step in seeking help or advice, you are actually taking control of your life and that is strength not weakness.

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  1. Nsotari Gelmin Simoben

    Thank you for this piece Mr Javnyuy. Many of us out here want to make it through personal efforts with the idea that we will one day say we arrived our goals single handedly and that is the big mistake because whether one likes it or not, the truth remains that we need help even in the ideas we adopt. The problem of where to start have as well killed the will to push forward and most often when people face this they are likely to abandon the quest.

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