How to Get More Business Opportunities as a Service Provider by Dr. Joybert Javnyuy

I recently had the opportunity of speaking at an online event organized by a vibrant community of West African professionals, predominantly from Nigeria and Ghana. 

This community is made up of digital service providers specializing in a diverse range of services from website building and app development to social media management and graphic design.

During my session, I touched on various topics, but there is one particular insight I would like to share with you.

I told the audience, “As a service provider, if you ensure that you have developed your skills to offer the right value, possess the confidence to showcase this value, and have the courage to negotiate, you will always close deals and get more business opportunities.”

Why did I emphasize this point?

In my experience, many professionals are passionate but lack the required value needed to make a significant impact in the lives of their targeted clients. 

Some are skilled, but if they cannot effectively communicate the worth of their services, their potential remains untapped.

Others possess the right skills and can even articulate their value, yet they struggle when it comes to pricing. They lack the boldness to ask for what they truly deserve, often undervaluing their work in a competitive market.

Some professionals have the right skills and confidence but lack the negotiation prowess needed to seal deals that reflect their true value. Moreover, negotiation is an art that not all possess. – Dr. Joybert Javnyuy 

Here is my conclusion;

To thrive as a service provider in the digital age, one must develop a multifaceted approach: 

– Refining skills continuously

– Confidently projecting one’s value

– Courageously asking for rightful compensation, and 

– Mastering the art of negotiation. 

This comprehensive strategy ensures not just survival but prosperity in the growing marketplace.

I believe when you embrace this simple and yet profound process, you can transform your career, moving from merely being a participant in the digital economy to becoming a formidable player. 

Let me know, which of these speaks to you? Where will you be making changes?


Dr. Joyert Javnyuy

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