Until There’s a Detachment, Results Will Not Happen by Javnyuy Joybert

Until there’s a detachment, you may never experience tangible and significant success in your life, career and business.

You see people crying and desiring for success, but they are so attached to things that cannot enhance their success journey.

Here is one fact about your success, you must detach from lazy #habits to value creation habits before you can earn the right to succeed.

You may have to go through a self awareness session after this to identify areas in your life where you need detachment.

For some of you, you urgently need detachment from;

1. Detach yourself from your bed, long hours of sleep. For some people in a year they sleep about six months of their lives but desire tangible results.

2. Detach yourself from too much TV/movies. You spend more 3 hours daily watching TV, meanwhile you are a job seeker with no ability to apply for a job properly. In a month you spend 90 hours+ plus watching TV.

3. Detach yourself from friends who never take valuable actions. You claim some people are your friends, meanwhile the only thing keeping you guys together is alcohol, parties etc. Take away these, you will see there is nothing to hold the friendship.

4. Detach yourself from always looking for who to blame when it concerns your life. Rise up and take self responsibility for your life. No one is coming to help you.

5. Detach yourself from negative people offline and online. Everyone has so much to say about everything, even though they aren’t willing to do the work. Don’t let talkers influence you with negative energy. Block them if need be.

6. Detach yourself from your Certificates and attach yourself to the acquisition of relevant skills, be part of communities where superior knowledge is exclusively communicated

7. Detach yourself from the belief system that you can only make it as a Cameroonian (African) if you get a civil service job or if you travel to Europe, America, Middle East. Stop feeling stranded or stressed because these two didn’t happen to you. You can make it here.

8. Detach yourself from old ways, disrupt old patterns and start attaching yourself to radical ways of doing Innovative things, venturing into something completely new for fresh results.

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9. Detach yourself from that boyfriend or girlfriend who is not contributing anything significant to your personal growth, career growth and business growth. You need to be attached to a value addition relationship that brings out the best in you. Romantic attachment with significant stretching

10. Detach yourself from doing things when you feel like and attach yourself to massive self discipline. Do things because they must be done not because you feel motivated or demotivated. Motivation is for boys/girls and self discipline is for mature men/women.

11. You should detach yourself from letting fear of failure, the fear of taking risk steal opportunities from you. Attach yourself to being ok with encountering unknown, venturing into uncharted territories and taking new bold steps.

12. Detach yourself from indecision, weak decisions. Attach yourself to confront what or who stands in your way. The way that’s the path of life, the meaningful path of life that if you don’t confront you will lose your significance.

13. Detach yourself from anxiety. The standard treatment for phobias and anxiety is therefore exposure to the feared entity or situation. Attach yourself to taking actions. The antidote for fear and anxiety is faith and action.

For some relevant things to happen in your life, you must detach.

Hear this, Great men are the ones who get a vision and then go to work to make it come true, never looking to one side, but with one-pointedness and calm determination, stick to the thing until it is accomplished.


Javnyuy Joybert
Mr. Remarkable