Your Fight & My Fight Is Different – Javnyuy Joybert

This morning, in our 5am session, I told my mentees. My fight is different. We do not have the same fight.

And they need to know their fight is different.

I quickly realized I am an underdog a few years back.

Where I was born and the family I was born in and the circumstances I was in…I knew my fight would be different. Right in secondary school I could see how everything was different. Some people had all their textbooks and some did not. Some students do not know what it means to be sent away from school because you have not paid your fee and for some it is a normal lifestyle.

People may be born the same day but some people are born in circumstances that put them 10 years ahead of you. So you cannot afford to fight the same as them.

Some are born into families that can afford education easily, they can quickly travel out of the country to study in better schools, and have access to better networks and opportunities which automatically position them for greatness. For some, while they are working, or trying to build a business, their parents still give them monthly allowance.

Some are born at the same time in the hospital, the father struggles to raise hospital bills, in secondary school some did not have basic textbooks, like me, some finished high school with all certainty that they will not be going to the university because parents could not afford it.

Then and there in high school in 2008, I knew my fight would be different if I had to make it out of this life with something significant.

I cannot afford to copy others who have different fights. I knew if I remain average no one will ever know someone like Javnyuy Joybert existed because my circumstances already took my 10 years backwards. My circumstances already positioned me to fail.

When I realized my fight is different, I realized I have to be rugged, I have to show up, I have to be fearless, I have to take this fight to whatever level I can until I get what is truly mine from this mother earth. When I started working in building construction sites, doing okada “commercial motorbike riding”, doing car wash etc to raise tuition for my undergraduate program in Bamenda, I was bold and fearless because I knew my fight was different.

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You cannot afford to sit and watch TV, hang out anyhow, party anyhow, being lazy up and down when you are already at a disadvantage. Your fight is different. You cannot afford to copy a kid who comes from a family with a combine monthly income of 1 million frs and above and your family can barely make 100 000frs in monthly income.

Last year in a discussion, I told Neba Paul Azinwi I never used to attend university orientation in highschool because I knew I was not going to the university. My fight was different at that level.

Daily, I put 3am to 11pm (18 hours+) into all this I do because I know my fight is different. I cannot afford to put in only 6 hours or 8 hours of work like every other person. Their fight is different. Maybe what I need to put in 36 hours daily to achieve, they only need to make a phone call to get it. My fight is different.

I know my fight, I know the size of my fight, I know I will get bruises as I fight this fight, but I also know if I do not fight this fight I will die a terrible death (Dying with my potential). I will die with no significance, no value contributed to humanity. I know my fight and I have chosen my fight.

I have a question for you. Do you know your fight is different? Are you fighting your fight or you are copying others?

Original post: September 2021
Updated and repost: September 2022


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