To Move Ahead in Life, Career & Business, You Have To; – Javnyuy Joybert

To move ahead in life, career and business, you have to;

– Deconstruct,

– Abandon &

– Develop new options

What are you deconstructing? What are you abandoning?

Well, maybe some of the following;

– Deconstruct and abandon bad habits

Eg: Excessive drinking, smoking, too much movies, unproductive social media use, chronic procrastination, sleeping as if you are competing with the dead, no growing your mental capacity (not reading) etc. 


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– Deconstruct and abandon “yeyescious” lifestyle

Eg: Hanging out in the wrong places with people who have no vision & goals, hanging out with people who are good at telling you, you cannot do it, being with people who do not genuinely appreciate you. 

And many other things you know that are going on in your life right now that are not serving you in any good way. Time to deconstruct, abandon and develop better options that will give you a better life. 

Questions for you. “What will you deconstruct and abandon right now?” 

“What better options, habits, lifestyle will you pick up right now that will make you a better professional, entrepreneur and a better person to your family?” 

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Refuse to remain the same this 2022. Amen


Dr. Javnyuy Joybert 

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