To Fix Cameroon, Let us Start by Fixing Ourselves by Javnyuy Joybert

People here and there keep saying Cameroon must be fixed; there is a nation to build etc. I agree ooh

But eeh…

Who spoil the Country? Land and mountains does not make a country. Citizens make a country.

Start by fixing yourself and Cameroon will be fixed

Let us start with the basics of life

1. Start by greeting your neighbor with a warm smile in the morning or anytime you see them

2. Start by stop being jealous of your friends and instead be of value to them

3. Start by respecting traffic lights when you drive in the day and in the night

4. Start by not throwing trash anywhere like from inside a taxi. Find a trash can

5. Start by refusing to take bribes in your office, refuse to give bribes and focus on providing excellent service

6. Start by stop using your money and position to maltreat the poor and the vulnerable

7. Start by refusing to be a cheat if you are married or in a committed relationship

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8. Start by taking responsibility for the kids you give birth to by paying their school fee on time etc

9. Start by discharging your duties effectively as an employee in any establishment where you find yourself

10. Start by paying employees well as an employer, treat them well and inspire them to more

11. Start by being real to yourself and stop living life to impress people who do not even care about you

12. Start by being a citizen who is driven by values and vision for the country during elections and not driven by 500frs, 1000frs, food, t shirts etc

13. Start by practicing the lifestyle of human values like kindness, love, humility, unity, respect and more

14. Start by recruiting employees base on their competence and professionalism not through corrupt practices

15. Start by making that conscious decision to live the life of integrity

16. Start by going early to church, to meetings, to events and stop practicing black man time there is nothing like

17. Start by fixing your mindset that you can make it in Cameroon. Stop thinking that the only way you can make it is to travel abroad, to bribe your way through or have a godfather. You can also make it in Cameroon. Fix yourself first.

18. Start by sharing this post to raise awareness and encourage others

If we are serious at fixing this nation, let us start by fixing ourselves. The nation will start taking shape.

I am not a perfect citizen but I can lead myself, discipline myself to a conscious citizen. I am fixing myself. What about you?


Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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