Parents, Teach Your Children it is ok to Fail & Still Succeed in Life – By Javnyuy Joybert

Not up to 72 hours that Cameroon GCE results were released, I am already reading how students have committed suicide and some currently in the hospital for attempting suicide.


I will blame this mainly on parenting, although you can add peer pressure, lack of understanding and laziness


Parents should start intentionally teaching their kids it is not everything they will succeed at in life, career and business. Teach them they will fail at somethings like examinations. Team them the blessings of failure. Teach them that some of the greatest successes came from the place of failure because when people with success attitude fail they make good use of that failure by learning what went wrong and intentionally making sure the same mistakes that led to the previous failure should never happen.


When parents use sentences like “If you fail this examination I will not pay your fee next year”

“If you fail this examination, I will beat the hell out of you”

This is a sure way of putting the real evil fear in the heart of the child, which will prompt them to take their lives through suicide instead of facing the parents.


I am not saying kids should be disciplined, I am saying there are better ways to make your kids understand the values of hard work, commitment, focus, learning.


If you are reading this and you failed the GCE or any other national examination, know this. It is an important stage in life even the most successful people around you went through. They have all failed at something in life and if they committed suicide, or gave up, they will not be where they are today.


Back to Parents;

Question for you, Have you created a home culture where your children feel safe to fail?

There two types of parents when it comes to failure. Read and let me know where you fall

  1. The helicopter parent: This parent hovers over their children closely, monitoring and controlling every aspect of their life. Children are rarely given the opportunity to experience failure and can’t learn how to cope with such life experiences and this what lead to suicide thoughts and actions


  1. The parent who expects perfection: These unrealistic expectations cause children to believe their parents’ love and acceptance are based on how they perform in school examinations, how they succeed in career, how they are active in church etc. Children under such parenting are stressed and afraid of losing their parents’ love and acceptance if they disappoint and this leads to suicide thoughts and actions.



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Dear parents, the culture of teaching your children the life skills of goal setting, having life vision, identifying their path (purpose) and living it, being focus in life, being committed and resilience, reading personal development books, practicing the right habits, choices and more is critical.


A family hired my coaching services in Yaoundé to coach their high school kids (2) because they were so stubborn and did not care about the real things that mattered in life. After all the beatings, they will still what is wrong. When I connected with these children, they went through my book “From Average to Unforgettable” and my 3 courses Self Discipline Course, Self Confidence Course, Proactivity Lifestyle Course and we developed clear life core values, vision etc and in less than 4 months everything their parents have been trying to stop them from doing (alcohol, night clubs, bad friends etc) they stopped without anyone asking them to. What happened? They were exposed the real life full of significance (Whatsapp me 674949153)


Dear parents, when your kids start entering that age where important things like facing national examination is part of them, the kind of communication you have with them is critical because this will define their next few years.


Strong families will produce a strong nation.




Javnyuy Joybert

Mr Remarkable