Sources of Income Available to Young Cameroonians by Javnyuy Joybert

Sources of Income Available to Young Cameroonians

Talk to many young Cameroonians you will hear this popular melody of “I do not have a job, Cameroon is so hard, help me to get a job” etc.

The truth is one of the biggest issues that young Cameroonians are facing that is keeping them poor and broke is lack of resourcefulness and taking initiative.

This is for any young Cameroonian who is jobless and does not have any source of income. Some examples to consider

1. Vocational skills income
This is where hand work comes in. What can you do with your hands, sale and make money. Or what can you learn with your hands and create a service out of it, package it and promote. Fashion designing, hair dressing, house painting, interior decoration, cooking, photography, makeup etc are examples. Rise up and use your hands

2. Basic Services #Income
This is where you can provide basic home services like home and office cleaning, laundry services, cooking services, delivery (errands) etc. Package it well and put a price tag on them.

3. Rental Income
This is where you can source out available houses in your quarter or town available for rent and promote across your network, source out event venues for weddings, birthday celebrations, parties… have an agreement promote across your network and get some commission when someone reserve through, do same for car rentals….wake up

4. Network marketing Income
Here I am talking about traditional network marketing companies that have healthy lifestyle products. Like in Cameroon we have Longrich, AIMGLOBAL, SuperLife and others that have good products that you can join their company, sale their products and earn good bonuses. Rise Up

5. Buying and Selling Income
Here I am talking about you saving or borrowing some money and buying some goods and reselling across your network physically and on social media. It can be shoes, clothes, books, provisions, electronics, kitchen utensils etc. Be good at selling. Rise up and do something with your life.

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6. Service Referral Income
Here you can partner with a service provider, refer their services and get a commission. For example a hotel, universities to recruit students for them, consultants, printing press, website development, graphic design services, radio advertisement etc. Stop complaining and do something with your life

7. Teaching income
What are you so good at that you can package and teach others and make money? For example are you good at making cakes? Teach people and make money. Are you good with English and you live in the French zone? Create English classes and charge per hour same for you if you are good with French and living in the English Zone. Like me now I can even organize Lamnso classes and teach these android Nso kids who have never been to Nso and get paid.

And a lot more that you can do and start making money and being relevant. As you were reading this, if something dropped in your heart to do and you do not know how to start contact (WhatsApp 674949153) schedule a coaching session (will not charge you much) and we will develop an action plan for you and I will coach you through to success.

Cheers & share please

Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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