Entrepreneurs: Test Your Work Ethics (Do You Have Work Ethics?) By Chinonso Ogbobu

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I can tell the kind of an entrepreneur you are and how serious you are about that which you seek by reviewing your work ethics.

Your work ethics is one of the litmus tests of a true entrepreneur.

You can’t claim your are serious about building a great company and driving your idea big if you operate with an epileptic work culture.

That’s an oxymoron!


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Champions work harder, longer, smarter, faster, and better than others in the pack.

As an entrepreneur, there are times you have to stay on it still 4 a.m. to deliver on a client’s job or finalize a deal with your suppliers.

There are times when you will be expected to resume in the office on Sundays, skip holidays, cancel the vacation, make long trips, stay long on the phone discussing ideas at your expense, forget your own birthday, or avoid attending parties of close friends

It happens, and these things aren’t easy – I agree.

Not many people have the stomach for it.

I was on phone today with my mentor for over 2 hours, as we review our plans and some big ideas we are working on for the next few months.

It was crazy!

While we were talking, he said something that struck me.

He said and I quote:

“Chinonso, dream bigger and note that there’s work to be done. But with good work ethics, I trust you and your team can do this.”

Guys, no matter how big your idea is, if you don’t posses and nurture healthy and strong work ethics, you can’t achieve nada.

It will only end up a pie in the sky, or at best, you only scratch the surface of a treasure field.

So guys… let me ask

What did you do this week to test your level of work ethics?

Let me hear…. (Share in the comment section)


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Chinonso Ogbobu is the Founder, #TheIncubators Africa a pan-African business learning and support ecosystem for young African entrepreneur.

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