Ready to Improve Your Life? Practice Value Creating Activities by Javnyuy Joybert

Ready to Improve Your Life? Practice Value Creating Activities by Javnyuy Joybert

Let me ask you a deep question, are you ready for this?

Have you ever felt like you have wasted a lot of time in your life or wasted a whole year, month or week with no concrete results? I know that feeling because I have been there!

This article is about helping you pass that level of wasting your life, or wasting your year, month, week, day and even hours by practicing value creating activities.

Either in this life, you will get accidental success (which is rare) or intentional success full of significance. Putting in just the hard work, time and being busy is not enough, you must identify value-creating activities that generate great reward and focus consistently on these activities.

Let me share with you briefly some of the key 3 value creating activities I do daily (I will be sharing 15 more in my upcoming coaching event. Watch out and register)

1. Create Priority List

Every morning or beginning of a new week or new month I create my priority list for the day, for the week and for the month. This activity enable me to identify my top priority task/goals for the day, week and month. This is a powerful value creating activity because this guide me on what to do and what not to do in any given moment.

2. Brainstorm on the “How”

After knowing what I want to accomplish through my priority list, it’s time to strategize on how I will crush the goals on my priority list. This activity is so important as it will enable me to identify the main steps to take to accomplish my priorities. This help me to stay on track and avoid being busy with the wrong activities that will produce no results in the course of my day.

3. Power Actions

This is a daily ritual I developed where I set a time in the morning it could be between 5am to 9am which I call “Power Action Hours”. During these hours put off whatssap, facebook and other social media platforms so as not to get notifications and I work with all concentration on all my top 3 priorities for the day on priority list. 

One of the key ways to become successful is by consistently practicing value creating activities.

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