Approaching Partnerships/Investments as a Startup by Javnyuy Joybert

Approaching Partnerships/Investments as a Startup

As a startup entrepreneur who is doing something with visible results, I am sure one of the many things that come your way is people (home and abroad) reaching out to you with this statement

“I want to partner with you, I want to invest in what you”

Truth is, if you do not know how to drive this partnership/investment conversation or how to engage in this relationship it will always lead to chaos and even the dead of your precious baby business.

Some #entrepreneurs even get so scared that they do not venture into the discussion at all.

Good and well executed partnerships can enable startups to have the zeal and resourcefulness to target new markets, produce more, scale and strengthen their position in the marketplace.

The question now is

“As a startup, what should you exactly do when someone reach out to you to partner or invest in what you are already doing?”

There is a formal process to make this happen that will be for the good of the startup, the founder and the new partner/investor.

In business, establishing a collaboration model under which a partnership seems most suitable to run under is not a matter of guess work. Is a strategic move.

To successfully forge partnerships and investments, startups must look at the opportunity through a specific lens.

In the last years, I have helped startups get into partnerships with clear understanding and terms and with strong information to make the right business decisions. Get to me let’s talk if you are in this situation or thinking of accepting partners/investors soon. WhatsApp +237 674949153.

Keep building the business dream!!

Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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  1. Glory Fur

    Definitely getting to You Sir. Didn’t know that getting into partnership requires expertise until i was faced with it.

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