Eliminate all excuses that get in the way of your activities & results – Javnyuy Joybert

You want to stay stuck in an average life? Then continue with the excuses. Many people (it could be you), use excuses to get out of everything related to being responsible in life. Sadly you have been doing this for so long & excuses are now a deeply embedded part of your lifestyle full of poor results

Hear this, excuses limit your capabilities. This is in all areas of your lives. Carefully look at your life, you will realize excuses are the primary reasons why you are unable to accomplish what you want out of life.

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Its time to stop excusing & validating your failures or your procrastination and start taking the steps that are necessary to get what you want out of life.

Excuses allow us to stay within our comfort zone. Change!! Nothing will keep you stuck in your own misery more than burying your head in excuses.

If you are not doing anything about it. Why will anything change in your life?

Practical simple steps to eliminate excuses

1. Change your close circle

If you are surrounded by “excusers”, you will always be an “excuser”. If people around you are always complaining and giving excuses why they cannot do something amazing it is time to run

2. Have a compelling dream

If you don’t have a dream the resonate from your heart you will be always be full of excuses because nothing move you to action. Get a pen and notebook and write out your dream, a dream that speak to your heart.

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3. Stop being afraid

Many people make excuses because they are afraid of the unknown. Learn to take chances, learn to have fun failing, and learn to take risks. Amazing things happen when you do what you are afraid of

4. Stop blaming others

Have this mindset. No one owes you anything in this world not even your parents. If you have people who care about you, it is a privilege and not a right. Stop blaming someone else for something that happened to you

5. Take consistent actions

As I always say, “If you want incredible results, take incredible actions”. Stop making excuses today and take consistent action to live your dream life.

Don’t let excuses steal your life from you. Beat excuses.

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    I think you were sent to talk to me through this challenging and motivating massage. I highly value every thing you do to see youths live to excellence.
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