Why Your Poor Upbringing Doesn’t Have to Determine Your Success

“I wish I had a better life while growing up, I wish I had better opportunities.” Have you heard someone above 40 years make that statement? Have you heard a young person complain about this? I have, several times.

This is the most ridiculous excuse to give to be a failure. Sadly, the most difficult thing for many people to do either in Africa, Europe, United States, etc, is to assume responsibility for their lives. Instead, they are good at blaming others for their failures. Because it’s easy to blame and assuming responsibility is hard.

Even if you had the worst life growing up or even now, you are still responsible for who you become. So, wherever you are right now in life; whether you can’t feed, you can’t make the minimum wage a month, no matter your worst situation or pain now, it’s time to stop the cheap talk.

I always say, “Because you come from a disadvantaged background, doesn’t mean you have a disadvantaged future.” Make your mind today and be resolute you will not allow your upbringing and environment to shape how you live the rest of your life.

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From today, your past life will not affect how you move forward in this life. You can decide if you want to be successful. You can decide if you will allow all that to shape your future. It’s your choice.

From today, create a beautiful, compelling vision. Set daily inspiring habits and goals. Focus on where you want to go and make the best of what you have because your upbringing or poor environment cannot define you. Your future is worth more!

You are Rare. You are Remarkable.

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