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13-15 out of 15 Things I wish I Knew Early in my Career. 

Someone just told me “Please do not end at 15.”

Few days ago, I started sharing some things I wish I knew early in my career. 

So far, I have shared 1-12 and today I will share 13-15. Check my previous posts. 

Here we go. 

13. Feeling inferior and not hanging around higher-level people early enough.

Feeling inferior can destroy your destiny. I wish early on in my career I knew that hanging around higher-level people would change my life and career. People who are high level in mental intelligence, higher level in financial success, high level in career growth, and all core areas of life will change your life. You know that saying about being the average of the five people you spend the most time with? It’s SO true ooh (Shouting in my Nso voice).

Hear me, high-level individuals often inspire innovation, encourage risk-taking, and provide invaluable mentorship. They can offer diverse perspectives, challenge our thinking, and push us beyond our comfort zones.

14. Not knowing there are certain tools that I must have and know how to use before I can get to where I want to be. 

This is still a challenge for many people. Like me in my early career days, I struggled to succeed because I did not quickly identify critical tools that I must know how to use to rise. What is smart work, really? Smart work is using the right tools to achieve more and faster. There are many people for whom the internet is a core tool in what they are supposed to achieve in life, but they do not know how to fully utilize the internet. One factor hindering the productivity of people that hindered me early on is a lack of relevant tools and an inability to make good use of core tools.

This is critical. Let me add some more here. Understanding the digital landscape, for instance, is paramount in today’s world, where information accessibility and global connectivity can significantly influence success across various fields.

The evolution of technology has introduced a myriad of software and platforms designed to streamline work processes, enhance creativity, and foster collaboration. Being unaware or underutilizing such tools not only limits personal and professional development but also places individuals at a disadvantage in a competitive environment.

15.Inability to engage in “deep work.” 

Deep work gives birth to greater results and manifestation in anything that you do. Early in my career, I was too shallow when it comes to the different things I was doing. Some may say it was because I was younger; however, had I started practicing deep work at the age of 20, I would have been further in my career. I have seen the impact of deep work. 

Many people in this dispensation can barely sustain long-term focus for more than 30 minutes. Our attention span is dropping daily, leading to more shallow work and inadequacies. Step up!

The importance of deep work cannot be overstated. In an era where distractions are incessant and our capacity to concentrate is being eroded, the discipline to engage deeply with our work is more crucial than ever. 

It’s not just about enhancing productivity; it’s about fostering a mindset that values quality, mastery, and meaningful achievement over mere busyness.

Now it is your turn.

What stood out for you in these points I shared?

What are some things that you kinda wish someone had told you earlier on in your career?


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