Do You Have a Sound Mind? What Makes Up a Sound Mind? – Javnyuy Joybert

Do You Have a Sound Mind? What Makes Up a Sound Mind? – Javnyuy Joybert

Do You Have a Sound Mind? What Makes Up a Sound Mind?

Let me start by quoting a Bible scripture. For non Christians please focus on the words. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” 2 Timothy 1:7

“A sound body without a sound mind is like an excellent tool in the hands of an unskilled worker” Javnyuy Joybert.

It is your responsibility to invest in building a sound mind and it is a must. You cannot experience a shift in life without a shift in the mind.

The state of your mind determines your daily actions, it determines how you relate with anything, it determines who you choose as friends, it depends on your whole lifestyle.

Our thoughts have incredible power over our everyday lives, our moods and behaviors are a reflection of how we think.

Signs That You Have a Sound Mind
Before I go listing the signs, remember that you don’t wish for a sound mind; it takes intentional efforts to develop one. Doing things like reading, positive self talk, setting goals and vision and more

  1. You see a positive future despite your present condition. You have written long-term vision of success
  2. You are not afraid of failure and you are willing to fail
  3. You don’t lose your self esteem easily & always confident in yourself
  4. You are not intimidated by either wealth, wealthy friends or successful people
  5. You are not afraid or worried about other people’s judgment
  6. You make strong decisions and take concrete actions
  7. You are highly motivated and full of courage
  8. You commit to the best option, you go for excellence. You hate mediocrity

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To end, your mindset and belief system affect everything in your life from what you think and feel to how you act and react to the world around you.

Great week ahead. Blessings!!!

Dr. Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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