Have You Been Pursuing Your Goals The Wrong Way? by Dr. Javnyuy Joybert

Have You Been Pursuing Your Goals The Wrong Way?

It is very normal to hear a lot of statements like “Successful people set goals” “To take control of your life, set goals” and many others.

All these statements are true.

The most successful people that you admire do not joke when it comes to setting goals. The best way to be on the driver’s seat of your life is to set goals. But then, if you do it the wrong way, you will never experience the blessings of setting goals.

It is one thing to set goals, and it is another thing to have the mindset and competence to make the goals happen.

The wrong way of pursuing your goals is to set goals to achieve without intentionally investing in the person who has to achieve those goals.


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The right way to set goals and achieve them, include improving yourself consistently to become better at pursuing your goals. It includes massively increasing your competence (hard skills and soft skills) so you can become skillful enough to effortlessly produce results.

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