Running a Startup Business is like Living Life on the Streets by Javnyuy Joybert

On the street, there is no specific hour to hustle to keep body, spirit and soul together. Same for a startup entrepreneur, every hour is working hour, even at midnight an entrepreneur is busy figuring things out. You call a serious entrepreneur even at 5am in the morning for delivery you will not hear that excuse “the office is not open” or “it is not yet working hours”.


On the street you get out to hustle as early as even 4am and get back as late as 11pm or even 12am. Same for startup entrepreneurs, they set out as early as possible and come back home late because they give in their utmost best to make their dreams come true.


On the street anything is an opportunity to make money. Same for startup entrepreneurs, their various sectors, they open their eyes and minds to take advantage of every opportunity to grow and be profitable.



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On the street life is like do or die. You rise up and fight or you will be beaten and trampled upon. Same for startup entrepreneurs, they are on a mission to build their dream businesses. For real entrepreneurs it is a do or die mission.


Are you a startup entrepreneur or you are still pampering yourself and speaking grammar?




Javnyuy Joybert

Mr. Remarkable