Why Did You Start that NGO, the Business…? By Javnyuy Joybert

– Desperation
– Show off
– Copycat
– Trying to proof a point

Unfortunately, these are some reasons why many young people and even some elderly people do somethings nowadays. Things like starting a business, creating an NGO, getting into speaking, writing a book etc.

Succeeding in any of these is not easy. It comes with hard work, pain, sacrifice and more and that’s why many struggle to attend the fit they desire because they started off with the wrong intentions before they know it, they are bored, they are uninspired, they are not consistent, they are depressed etc

The people who have made it big from the global scale like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Eric Yuan, Stewart Butterfield, Elon Musk to those who have made it on the continental stage like Dangote, Tony Elumelu, Strive Masiyiwa etc to those who have made it on the national stage in various nations started not with any of the above desires.

They started out with
– Sincere passion
– Desire to contribute to an industry
– Desire to solve a pain point (problem)
– Desire to fill an existing gap in a sector
– Desire to influence humanity to the right direction
– Desire to live out their purpose after discovery
– Desire to stretch their human capabilities to the highest level
– Desire to fulfill the will of God

National Executives Retreat 2020

What I am saying is, great people did not set out to fulfil selfish ambitions but to be part of a higher purpose. That thing you started or that thing you are planning to start I have a question for you. “What is the established why behind it?” Hear me, if the right why is not established you will not last 14 months. It will only take a few months for all that optimism you started with to fade.

The right why always produce the how, and
It is what creates new and better things on a constant and renewing basis. You will always have the audacity to face all distinct obstacles that stand in your way.

For some people they are busy doing things for the wrong reasons and will only hurt themselves. Ascertain your why and live by your core values.


Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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    You speak as if you see people minds. So realistic .
    May you live long

    1. admin

      Thank you so much for reading. Keep visiting us

  2. Amahnui

    Thanks so Much Mr Joybert. This so true. So in your opinion what would you suggest to someone who just realized he or she started something with the wrong motive? Do you think the passion can come with time?

    1. admin

      Find a problem you care about and genuinely solve it with a mission and passion. Cheers

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