AfroHustler: Cameroonian Javnyuy Joybert Named Top Business Continuity Thought Leader, Trainer & Consultant by Thinkers360

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The world’s first open platform for thought leaders and influencers, Thinkers360, has named Cameroonian entrepreneur, coach, and consultant, Javnyuy Joybert, as a top business continuity thought leader, trainer, and consultant.

Thinkers360 celebrates Joybert among 7 other world-renowned thought leaders who have featured on Forbes, New York Times, CNN, and other A-list media and publications.

“The bigger honor is being celebrated with incredible global consultants like Dr. Oleg Konovalov, Kayne McGladrey among others that I admire and you only get to read about them on Forbes, New York Times, CNN, etc.”

Slowly but surely, Joybert’s unique concepts and how to apply them on personal productivity, enterprise development, skills development, execution, and more, helped him gain this global recognition as a top business continuity thought leader.

And of course, this is not the first time an organization of high repute is recognizing his unflinching efforts.

Last year, as one of Africa’s most respected young speakers, he joined Conference Speakers International (CSI), an international professional speakers bureau. The same year, Afro Hustler also named Javnyuy Joybert as Top Contributor of the Month, a title he still defends today. His recognition came with regards to having inspired over a thousand readers with a highly impactful collection of 6 articles in just a month.

Thinkers360 and the thought leadership space
Thinkers360 is one of the world’s leading thought leadership brands. It allows thought leaders and influencers to share opportunities, promote, and advance their expertise. Over the years, several organizations and agencies have used Thinkers360’s tools to find and work with the world’s top thought leaders.

Today, the thought leadership ecosystem is highly-fragmented and often closed to most outsiders. Once a specialized art, practiced by a few, thought leadership is now a widespread discipline practiced by many.

Many upcoming thought leaders and experts aren’t yet social media stars, celebrity authors, influencers or speakers, but are leading authorities in their fields. Both established and emerging thought leaders need new ways to measure their expertise – looking beyond influence – and a platform to advance their audience and impact.

Thinkers360 has, therefore, made it a core part of its work to provide such a platform for both established and upcoming thought leaders.

Who’s Javnyuy Joybert?
Joybert is a multiple award-winning Social Entrepreneur, Empowerment Strategist, Enterprise Development and Corporate Trainer/Consultant, Essential Skills Development Expert, and the Co-Founder/CEO of COSDEF Group Social Innovation Enterprise.

He’s also the Co-Founder/COO of AFA Designs Software Development Firm. Javnyuy Joybert is the author of the book, “35 Days of Re-Defining You for Success” published in 2017 and “From Average to Unforgettable” published in June 2019.

The young entrepreneur has also developed several courses on a number of topics aimed at helping entrepreneurs and other people unleash their true potential. Most of them, he has offered for almost close to nothing including:

Building a Winning Mindset Course
Building Relevant Networks Course
Business Management Skills Course
How to Conquer Irrelevance in the Course
A Mandela Washington Fellow, Javnyuy Joybert has a seemingly unending list of accreditations to his name from top-tier institutions, from Georgia to Atlanta to Cambridge.

Since venturing into entrepreneurship more than a decade ago, Joybert has made media appearances on some of the world’s leading media institutions, magazines, and publications.

Joybert’s admission into the “thinkers club” is, therefore, a testament to the amazing efforts he has, over the years, put into helping entrepreneurs build their personal productivity and those of their brands.

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