Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs – Episode 11: Practice the Two Ways Alignment Concept

The ability to perform the two-way alignment concept could be the turning point for you in your entrepreneurial journey.

The 2 ways alignment concept can be broken down as follows

WAY 1: Ensure your solutions align with customers’ needs

WAY 2: Align your team with the business vision, mission, core values and culture

Let us understand WAY 1 further

If you desire to scale (grow) and I am sure you do because every entrepreneur desires growth, one of the most important foundation you must ensure is well laid is the 2 concept alignment if not, what you are building will crash in no time. You have no business if the solutions do not consistently align with customers needs. One of the major root causes of failed products is designing a product (solution) assuming that customers will use the product. It is imperative to invest time and skill to ensure that the product align with customer’s needs (problems). Building great products (solutions) that customers love start with ascertaining that the product align with your customer’s needs. If you are building a product or service, never forget the customer. Customer experience is much more than how you treat customers. It involves the product and how it aligns with the customer’s needs. It is important to build with the customer in mind. The best-designed products are designed with a degree of empathy (put yourself in the shoes of customers).

There is actually no perfect steps to design a perfect product because it all depends on the type of product and the target market but I will recommend some of the following

a) Product ideation

b) In-depth research

c) Idea validation

d) Prototype design & development

e) Prototype testing and feedback

Photocredit: C-Life Servant Leadership

Let us understand WAY 2 further

You have no structure if you have people (team) who do not align and belief in the institution’s vision, mission, core values and culture. As entrepreneurs, we need to master art of establishing and leading a strong productive team. Ensuring that your team align with your culture is paramount. It starts with how you employ and stays with the company for good. Do not neglect it.

According to KnowYourTeam, Sharing your company’s vision (let me add mission, core values and culture) with your team members is important for four reasons:

(a) It clarifies decisions

(b) It decentralizes decisions

(c) It makes decisions easier and

(d) It can be the greatest source of motivation for your team

If you want to strengthen your team, build a positive company culture, and amp up your employees’ drive to reach company goals then ensuring your team align with the business mission, vision, core values and culture is necessary. One of the key practice areas effective leaders demonstrate is Inspire a Shared Vision. A shared vision can be defined as an end goal or objective that a leader and his or her team establish and work towards together. Be intentional at communicating your institution’s north start with your team.

The vision a positive leader creates and shares serves as a North Star that points and moves everyone in an organization in the right direction. The leader must continually point to this North Star and remind everyone that this is where we are going.

Practice the two ways alignment concept consistently

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