Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs – Episode 7: What Growth Tools Are You Using? By Javnyuy Joybert

It takes more than the right mindset, the right product among others to run a successful enterprise. To succeed in business, you need to be more than just passionate, you need to be effective and to achieve this you need tools that can accompany you in this process.

In this episode of Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs let’s look at some practical tools you can start using today that will spur your business growth. Growth sometimes can be difficult but is very possible, it takes strategy, commitment and tools to experience growth.

You can multiply your productivity exponentially by using the right tools.

One: Growth Strategy Sheet

This is not as complicated as it sounds. It is actually difficult to experience growth without taking time to plan your business growth strategy. This sheet is an effective strategy for setting and achieving your growth goals. The tool help you identify specific ways and or action steps you will consistently take within a specified period all geared towards achieving the set goal. Your growth strategy should touch key areas like market penetration, new channels of reaching out to customers, product development for old and new customers, increasing the team and expansion to another location.

Two: Weekly Action Plan & Execution Sheet

Yes, I intentionally said weekly. You want to achieve 40% more of what you are doing. Then use Weekly action plan. At a startup or small business or growing level, you are always under pressure to make things happen. When you plan your whole week at once, it allows you to spread out and prioritize work in a manner that significantly increases what you can accomplish. You cannot relax and leave certain things to be done monthly or once in 2 months. You achieve incredible growth when you put yourself and team under positive pressure to achieve goals weekly and this is done by always have a clear action plan of what is to be done each day of the new week.

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Three: Daily Task Sheet

Setting a daily task sheet and goals helps you stay directed and focused. The power of daily task sheet is that it gives you perspective and productive control for your life. Am sure you agree that the most difficult person to manage is yourself? Your daily task sheet is your attack plan against procrastination and distractions. Your daily task sheet will not make any difference in your growth journey if you do it once a week or once in two months. It is called daily task sheet so it means commit yourself to do it daily. “You create your ideal future by creating your ideal days using daily task sheet” Javnyuy Joybert

Four: Use Time Blocks

“If you struggle with focusing on or prioritizing tasks, time blocks may be the answer. These are mini blocks of scheduled time throughout your day (ie: Answer emails, 9:10 – 9:30 am). During each block, you focus on one very specific task and ignore everything else. This allows for maximum efficiency and ensures that you cross off all the priority items for the day” John E Discala

To conclude, your business may be brilliant and innovative, but if you do not have the right personal discipline and the necessary productive habits developed, it is very likely for it to be executed in an inefficient way or even not being done at all.

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  1. Remy Netongo

    Great thank you sir. This should be highly effective but one needs a lot of discipline to follow. The most difficult person to manage is indeed yourself. Most of us want success but do not want to pay the price. Laziness leave this body ohhhhh

  2. Theodore Newman

    This is a great masterpiece sir Joybert. One of the reasons which I always take your words serious is because you live your words..thank you

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      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. Keep visiting and sharing.


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