Christmas in Cameroon – What Do We Desire More? – Javnyuy Joybert

Christmas in Cameroon – What Do We Desire More? – Javnyuy Joybert

Love, Hope, Kindness & Service.

In this season, a lot of wishes and glamour flying around but deep down millions of people in Cameroon desire much more than that & they don’t have what they desire.

– Many desire to desire to be truly loved
– Many lack hope for tomorrow in diverse areas of their lives like career, finance, relationship…
– Many so hate the world around them because no one has ever been kind to them
– Many have lost faith in this country because civil servants & the government at large have not genuinely served & instead full of corruption & bribery

More than ever before, this very moment, this very Christmas Cameroon & her citizens desire genuine Love, Hope, Kindness & Service.

This is all our collective responsibility. As an individual in your corner give love to the next human, with the right words give that hopeless person hope, just be kind to someone who’s stranded & genuinely serve others.

Every single time you choose to give love, hope, service & kindness, you’re making Cameroon a better place. There is no gesture too small. You can be an example. You can make an impact. You can make a difference.

We wish you a Merry Merry Christ in Us (Christmas).

Team Javnyuy Joybert

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