Building an army of loyal fans as a Start-up: Javnyuy Joybert

When I coach young businesses one of the key things we work on, is developing a Strategy that will enable them compete with larger Businesses that have more money and more resources than they do in a particular segment and location.

Building an army of loyal fans (product users) in a particular segment and location should be intentional for young businesses. Develop dedicated marketing strategy with real time execution.

One of your Strategies should involve serving customers with speed, practice real time engagement. You cannot make these happen as a young business if you focus on becoming the biggest instead of becoming the best for your segment and location. Research proofs “consumers show loyalty to the businesses that provide the best experiences”

Consumers are increasingly impatient and willing to move on to another brand if dissatisfied, so as a start-up you do not have enough marketing budget to spend on customer re-acquisition. So as a start-up, one of your strategies should be to operate at the speed of your customers.

 How can you then build an army of loyal fans as a start-up? I have highlighted some key facts above, now let me state some below

1. Keep your promises. As a start-up be carefully how you make promises and honour your word. To develop a loyal fan kindly keep promises. If you promise to visit a customer please do, if you promise to send an email or make a call please do.

2. Be Interactively Proactive. Here is the point, if you provide a service or sale a product to your client as a start-up, don’t wait when there are complaints before you interact with the client. Proactively follow up with them either through email or phone call or visit their physical location

3. Seek Feedback. Seek your customers feedback about the service or product you provided. My second book “35 Days of Re-Defining You for Success” is a powerful tool and I always eagerly seek for feedback from users after the 10th day and this push them hard to go through the 35 days journey.

4. Be present in the moment. Don’t be that kind of startuper that don’t answer calls on time or reply emails after 2 weeks. Be quick to reply your business calls and emails.

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