Make Decisions on Purpose not Emotions: Javnyuy Joybert

I have looked back at my life several times and I always remember horrible decisions I have made and I will be like “What the hell was I thinking?” The truth is I was not thinking I was just acting on emotions and not on purpose. Emotions can lead you the wrong way if you are not careful which will lead to poor decision making.

Emotions can cloud your judgement and influence your decision making power. HBR report state, “Our feelings can offer relevant and important feedback about a decision, but irrelevant emotions triggered by a completely unrelated event can take us off track”. With the understanding that emotions are part of our human experience how can we manage emotions when it comes to decision making?

Patrick Jinks recommend that “Emotions should and do play a role in making decisions. The key is time and timing. Much like brainstorming, allow a divergence first, then a convergence. Allow the emotions to have their say, and reflect on them. If the emotions are tied to core values, listen carefully to them. However, don’t make the decision in the moment of maximum emotion. Give your cognitive side time to weigh in, and then decide”

Ruben Gonzalez suggest “The best way to make a decision is to do your due diligence to understand the pros and cons of all your options, talk to someone who has dealt with something similar, and finally go with your gut feeling, your intuition. In an instant, your subconscious mind takes all of your knowledge and creates a feeling that will steer you in the right direction”

Christopher Morga suggest you should balance your emotions that is “Immediate emotional reactions to decision making is never a good idea. There can be too many variables that are overlooked because of your emotions. Try writing down the problem or question at hand. This will give you just enough time to balance your emotions to make a more effective decision”

Derrick Bass of Clarity Provoked recommend you as yourself questions. That is “Your goal isn’t to get rid of emotions, it’s to develop a higher consciousness so you can use this powerful force. I guarantee this isn’t the first time you’re feeling this way, so zoom out and ask good questions to understand the emotion. What happened the last time you felt this way? How’d you feel about your response? How do you want to feel right now? What can you learn about yourself right now?”

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