Was Last Month Successful? How Do You Know?: Javnyuy Joybert

One of my favorite questions I ask my mentees and coaching clients at the end of every month is: “Was your month successful? How do you know?”

Those who started the month with clear goals and precise intentions will always have something relevant to say and they record more success. Especially those who have gone through my “Goal Setting and Intentionality Package.”

What massive success have you recorded this month that has drawn you closer to this year’s ultimate goal? This month, did you live how you wanted to live? Did you do what you planned to do? Or you allowed people and opinions to define your life?

The only way to know if this month was a success or failure is to visit your goal-setting book or this month to-do list. Did you even create one? Did you even hold yourself accountable to crush your goals for this month? Were you even committed to live your life on purpose this month?  

Fixing what’s left

It is our responsibility to set ourselves up for success each month. If you just discovered you had messed up this month, don’t feel too bad about it. Here is what you should do for the remaining months.

Begin every new month by carrying out intentional goal setting. Then, outline your top 3 most important goals you want to crush for each month. Fit dates and hold yourself accountable to complete these goals (Read my insights on how Personal Accountability Drives Entrepreneurial Growth)

When you do this, it gives you foresight on what to direct your focus and energy on, and what you should do throughout that month to stay on track. At the end of each week, every month, always ask yourself: “What tasks did I focus on this week and how did it go?”

I wish you a productive and super awesome month ahead. Keep shining, keep rising and make sure you have fun too.

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