Progress in 2022 Has Been Slow? What Can You Do About It This October? – Javnyuy Joybert

Feeling Like Your Progress in 2022 Has Been Slow & Painful So Far? What Can You Do About It in October? 

I have been there several times. Those moments where I know I am putting in my best, going through pain and challenges but the progress and results I expect is either slow or not even coming at all. It is a difficult spot to be in. Sometimes, you feel like giving up. 

I am sure you must have looked at yourself one time and you are like “this is not where am suppose to be at this age in 2022, I’m made for more” 

Every committed person with the sense of focus & growth will always worry about moments like these. 

Hear this, creating a better life for yourself doesn’t just happen because you want it, it takes commitment, habits Change, mindset & behavioural patterns update, hard work, God’s Grace..

To break this, it’s time to keep doing your best and make the necessary changes in your life to achieve real & lasting success.

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Let me share with you things (JB’s 14 Basic Commandments for Growth) you should be doing this October 2022 if you are presently experiencing painful slow progress in your life, career & business

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1. List your top 5 bad habits & replace them with new ones starting right now

2. Do a friend analysis. You can’t have friends who are not growing & you want to grow. They do not challenge you

3. Do skill analysis. You may not be competent enough to make the progress you desire to happen. Read books & attend workshops & take courses here with Peak Performers University visit 

4. Path analysis. You cannot progress in the wrong path of life no matter how much you work. Seek direction. Pray and seek counsel. 

6. Dream & goal obsession. How obsessed are you in achieving your dream/goals? You may not be putting in your best

7. Network analysis. You can’t progress if you are not always meeting the right people. Invest in relevant relationships. 

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8. Fear & Fear. What are you afraid of doing? Fear can cause your slow growth. Face it with Faith & Action

9. Close mentorship. Mentors help you break certain barriers. Have a serious Mentorship relationship. Real mentorship involves meeting & have a real discussion with someone who can counsel. 

10. Pray pray & pray without ceasing. On your own you will struggle. A growing relationship with God is an asset. You need your Source to manifest. Join Professionals & Entrepreneurs Fellowship (PEF) a Christian community of 1600+ entrepreneurs and professionals. Visit 

11. Craft your mission statement. Your MS will ultimately serve as a guideline for all of your habits, routines, decisions & future goals.

12. Develop an optimistic & motivated mental framework. Believe you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

13. Focus on your strengths not weaknesses. Instead of crying over your weaknesses, you should focus on your strengths. Write what your strengths are, get up & use those strengths to help you progress. Improve your weaknesses and not lament about them. 

14. Read & use these tools “35 Days of Re-Defining You for Success and From Average to Unforgettable by Javnyuy Joybert” Hard & soft copies available. Buy on discount the ebooks here: 

You have my permission to share. 

Have a super October full of many hallelujahs and testimonies. 

You are Rare You are Remarkable

Dr. Javnyuy Joybert

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