How to be a Valuable Employee by Javnyuy Joybert

How to be a Valuable Employee by Javnyuy Joybert


If you are currently employed or still looking for a job or still in the university and looking forward to building an incredible career, one of your consistent preoccupation should be “How can I be a valuable employee to the vision and the visionary (employer) I serve”


We have entered an era in Cameroon and Africa where it is your level of mastery and your ability to contribute to significant growth that will give you or keep you in a job.


Why do I say so? Because there use to be a time where employers were mostly recruiting base on family ties, tribe connection or friendship but as time goes on the employers have seen the negative effect of recruiting base on emotions and feelings instead of focusing on attitude and skill.


Intentionally build and position yourself to be a valuable employee. Be the employee that always offer a solution. No employer or executive want to hear what is wrong, they want to know how to fix what is wrong.

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Instead of raising complaints, offer solutions. Look around the workplace, the business, and the processes and find a way to solve an existing problem.


Consistently show that you are valuable and have a positive attitude to drive change and growth.


Many professionals especially the young professionals, always desire to have an opportunity to launch their careers to the next level like getting promoted, getting new responsibilities, moving into leadership positions in the institution where they are already working. Hear this, it just takes one great solution or idea to launch your career. Be a problem solver, drive for change and growth, share ideas during meetings or meet your employer in a one on one meeting share your innovative growth perspectives.


Cheers to your incredible Career


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