The Manager in the Entrepreneur by Javnyuy Joybert

The Manager in the Entrepreneur by Javnyuy Joybert

Dear entrepreneur because you are creative to start an idea does not mean you can manage the idea into sustainable thriving enterprise (structure). A massively creative entrepreneur that is poor manager will destroy the business.

Being successful as an entrepreneur requires more than coming up with a brilliant idea, seeking investments and working hard. You need to master the craft how to manage and grow your business.

Successful entrepreneurs will tell you they faced numerous challenges in the process of building a sustainable business, they will also tell you they needed more than just an innovative idea to go through these challenges.

Therefore, in every successful entrepreneur is an incredible manager. A good entrepreneurial manager that has a grasp of a business functional areas like accounting and finance, marketing and sales, operations and production, distribution, resource acquisition, allocation and management, staff recruitment and team building

Let me ask you the power question, “As an entrepreneur who desires busiuness success, do you have a grasp of these functional areas? If not all at least 70%?”

Entrepreneurs fail for many reasons but poor management skills and experience is among the top reasons. Managerial inexperience or inadequate managerial skills cannot expand a business. Stunted growth is inevitable.

Here is a big question for you to ponder on it. “Why are entrepreneurs, and teams and businesses, able to navigate disruption, uncertainty and market hardship that the business world is facing today, and they become great, while other entrepreneurs fail?” The difference is in management skills, administration skills and leadership skills. Starting a business with a creative idea is not a challenge but managing the startup into an amazing enterprise is the challenge.

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To succeed as an entrepreneur, it is not about how innovative you are, it is how you innovate, how you manage innovation, how you build systems and structures around the innovation, how you acquire, allocate and manage resources around the innovation, how you lead and manage the team that implement and scale the innovation. An entrepreneur with poor management skills will always end at the entrepreneurship level and will never create the outcome which is a sustainable enterprise.

Go beyond just being an entrepreneur and become an entrepreneurial manager. Entrepreneurial managers create radical breakthroughs because they effectively translate future options into a platform for continuous value creation and corporate transformation.

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  1. Delly Nformi

    Great message. Entrepreneurs with wonderful creative ideas and poor management skills will kill or stagnate the business.

    1. admin

      You are absolutely right.

      Keep building that dream business

      Javnyuy Joybert

  2. Mbeh Lorantine

    Incredible write up sir, you are just what every one who desire success will need to grow and be sustainable as an entrepreneur. Personally I hail your humility to serving mankind dispite your grace (knowledge and wisdom)

    1. admin

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Keep building that dream.

      Javnyuy Joybert

  3. Mdzeyua Yakobu Yudzesi

    Good Morning Sir infact your message today is very touching.Iam happy to have ever meet you.I hope through you my life change for am following your footstep bit by bit.

    1. admin

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Keep going forward. Definitely you rising to the top

      Keep building that dream

      Javnyuy Joybert

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