How can You Lead Self to be Outstanding? Javnyuy Joybert

You are a leader! Everyone is a leader. Leadership start with you and me. The ability to lead self-separate average people from outstanding people. You want to be amazing? Then lead yourself to make changes that you want to see, take action in your own life.

Hunger and drive mark an extraordinary person apart from a follower. Outstanding people have an insatiable hunger to make something happen; they must do, create and share.

Tony once said, “Drive is the force that makes leaders unstoppable. Through their drive, they discover how to influence people and the culture around them”

I charge you today, become a leader, become that person who confront the status quo, not simply conform to it. Here me, if you see a problem, fix it with speed and Excellence, if you see an opportunity take it and use it with class.

You do not need somebody to give you a title or position to practice your leadership. Do not let YOU stop YOU from taking initiative. Real beauty is to be true to yourself

How can you lead yourself to be outstanding?

  1. Intentional Self-Discipline: To take the right actions you must be self-discipline. Give yourself deadlines and possibly consequences if you fail to deliver or discipline yourself
  2. Accountability Partner: Truth is you cannot trust yourself. Accept that you need help and someone to hold you accountable for your own life. Many people take wrong actions because they are not held accountable by someone who they respect and honour. Find that person today.
  3. Purpose: Have that inner compassion (Your WHY) that points you to the right direction. Create time to reflect on why you want to do something, what you want to do and how you will do it. Establish your purpose.
  4. Effort: Without effort, nothing can be achieved. When you decide to do something get up and do it. Put in the effort even if it means starting small. Make efforts to continually improve yourself.
  5. Big Picture: Envision your future as specifically as you can. It cost nothing to envision but it will cost you everything if you do not envision. A big picture inspire you

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