Javnyuy Joybert’s 6 Quick Steps to Finishing What You Start

Have you ever bothered about this?

Why is it so difficult to start and successfully complete tasks & initiatives?

One of the remarkable traits of successful people is their ability to successfully finish what they start. I believe habits define what we become tomorrow and one of the most powerful habits to build is the HABIT of finishing what you start. Many entrepreneurs, change-makers, job seekers, business executives, and several other people struggle to achieve their dreams because they can’t finish tasks they start.

It’s no news that an inventory of uncompleted tasks, initiatives, and objectives doesn’t get you to success. Learning to actually finish your mission is one of the best lessons you’ll learn as an entrepreneur.

Here are 6 things you can do if you are really good at starting things but very poor at finishing them.

Be Realistic: Setting goals that you can’t achieve while insisting you can is stupidity. Stop competing.

Be Relevant: Here is what I mean, set tasks & initiatives that align or are relevant to your purpose and core value that way the fire for that task will keep burning.

Be Accountable: Have an accountability partner (Mentor, coach, Pastor) who you will share the task with and ask them to hold you responsible. Remember if you have no one who can raise his or her voice at you when you are lazy you will not break barriers.

Make a timeline: Be clear on how long you will take to accomplish the task and make sure you communicate with your accountability partner.

Clear big picture: Have a clear big picture that inspires you. For example, it could be how much you want to make, it could be a picture of your favorite car stuck in your mind, it could be how your house or what your corporate office will look like, it could be the number of people you want to impact, etc. This inspires you to complete tasks that will take you closer to the big picture.

Be Selective: It’s not everything you must do. Many people do things these days because they saw someone doing them. When you start a task, be sure that this is something you are passionate about and want to see through.

I hope you can also make 2019 the year you finish stuff instead of ending the year with a bunch of half-baked projects.

I would love to hear from you – how are you at completing tasks? And things you have started but not finished.

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