Preparing Cameroon for the Future (Blockchain & Cryptocurrency) by Javnyuy Joybert

Yesterday (18th September 2021), I was invited by First Choice Crypto Academy (FCCA) management to deliver a keynote address during their graduation ceremony in Akwa-Douala.

My Keynote focused on “How we can prepare Cameroonians (Africans) for the present and the future economy”. In the last several decades Africa, including Cameroon have always been late to the party of innovation and development. Even in 2021, we are still late when it concerns manufacturing and internet penetration. Shame to our political leaders.

In recent years, one of those powerful development is blockchain technology, which crypto currency is a subset.

It is imperative for Cameroonians (Africans) to be aware of this, understand how it is going to change their daily lives, how it is going to affect key sectors like education, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, entertainment, financial services etc and why not enhance their ability to be more efficient and create more wealth.

I said few weeks back, any higher institution (university) in Cameroon (Africa) with the department of banking and finance without a module on crypto currency and without a level 1 course on the basics of blockchain technology, they are training professionals who will graduate from school and be 10 years behind economic advancement.

Some elements I shared, which we must start doing include;

1. Audit our belief systems as Cameroonians (Africans): We need to stop believing the only way we can make it is to be civil servants or the only way we can make it is to travel to Europe or America. Let us insert the new systems that we can make it here (Private sector opportunities).

2. Upskill yourself to master recent and future skills and tools.

3. Be a professional who is creating value that can influence the future or be part of a community of people who are influencing the future (Disrupting old patterns and instilling new systems).

These 3 are part of 18 elements I have researched and written about. These are 18 elements I believe if any African will be relevant in the next decade, they must practice.

If you are still confusing the difference between blockchain technology and cryptocurrency technology, in simple terms blockchain is the platform and cryptocurrency technology is an application that operates through the parent blockchain platform.

“Africa is increasingly advancing socio-economic growth through the adoption of cryptocurrency transactions and blockchain technologies for e-commerce and entrepreneurship frameworks. Fundamentally, the African continent is progressively embracing mobile cash and virtual currency technologies. This is because such technologies are offering multiple advantages towards easing the way of doing business transactions across the African continent. However, there is still some hesitation within Africa’s governments towards fully adopting and adapting blockchain technologies to enhance digital financial services” APET

Well, they will not hesitate for long because no one ever fought technological advancement and won.


Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable